Buying vs Leasing a New Subaru in Bellevue, WA

Lease vs. Loan: Which is Best for You?

Figuring out the right payment plan for your lifestyle and budget can seem like a challenge, but it doesn't have to be when you choose to work with our finance team in Bellevue. You will find that both leases and loan offer their own benefits, and the right decision is based on your preferences and driving needs around Issaquah. Our finance team can help you weigh your options and discover affordable rates. 

Five Benefits of Leasing a New Subaru

Many drivers around Sammamish choose to lease access to affordable monthly payments and the latest features. Leasing a new Subaru is similar to renting an apartment since you are not responsible for paying the entire cost of the vehicle just to use it during your term. With the extra flexibility in your budget, you can enjoy more cutting-edge features or a higher trim level to suit your driving around Snoqualmie.

  1. Excellent Mechanical Condition: You can drive a new Subaru when it requires the least amount of maintenance and replacements, keeping your service costs low.
  2. Enjoy Warranty Coverage: With the new vehicle warranty lasting for most or all of your term, you can drive with more confidence that essential components have coverage.
  3. The Latest Technology: Leasing allows you to get more for your money so that you can drive with cutting-edge infotainment systems, connectivity features, and driver assistance technologies.
  4. Lower Monthly Payments: The depreciation of the vehicle during your leasing term is the primary cost, meaning you will have lower monthly payments since they aren't going towards paying off the sticker price. 
  5. Easily Transition to Your Next Car: You can avoid the hassle of finding a buyer around North Bend when it's time to move onto a new vehicle, and you can simply return your leased vehicle when the term is up.

Five Benefits of Buying a New Subaru

If you're interested in long-term benefits, buying a new Subaru could be the right option for you. By owning the vehicle, you will have more freedom in how you drive and own it. While your monthly payments will be higher than leasing at first, you will eventually have no monthly payments once you pay off the loan. 

  1. Build Equity: If your monthly payments outpace the depreciation of your vehicle, you can build equity while financing.
  2. Drive as Much as You Like: You won't have to worry about going over mileage restrictions so that you can take that next road trip without any worry.
  3. High Resale Value: Subaru models are known for retaining their values, making it possible to sell your Subaru in the future to put towards your next car.
  4. Modify Your Subaru: Since you own the vehicle, you can change the color, add accessories, and alter the components in any way you want.
  5. No End-of-Service Fees: You won't have to worry about paying extra wear and tear since there are no end-of-service fees.

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